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Paper backing your fabric adds a commercial grade strippable paper that can turn most fabrics into custom wallpaper.

PaperBac™ is our Performance Process of paper backing for fabrics. Paper backing adds a commercial grade strippable paper that turns almost any fabric into a custom wallpaper or wallcovering. Paper backing adds substance and body, as well as, a protective moisture barrier between the fabric and the wall. Paper backing protects the fabric so the installation adhesive does not into the fabric. Paper fabric backing is ideal for concealing blemishes on wall surfaces. Paper backed fabric acts as an acoustical aide by dampening sound. Paperbacked fabric also provides additional wall insulating properties to help reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling.


  • Create elegant fabric wallcoverings from virtually any fabric or material.
  • Coordinate upholstery, window treatments, pillows and many other accessories to your fabric wallcoverings.
  • Adds substance and body to fabric making installation easier and quicker
  • No adhesive bleed through during installation allowing for professional quality seams
  • Extra thickness aids in concealing blemishes in wall surfaces
  • Paperbacked fabrics serve as insulators and acoustical aids
  • Maintain original color, texture and quality of your material
  • Most common and generally preferred process for preparing fabrics for wallcovering.

Guidelines for Use/Processing

  • Processing time is approximately 7 – 10 working days from in-work date to packing date.

Performance Processes