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  1. How long will it take for my fabric to be treated? Processing time is approximately 7-10 business days for most processes from the date we receive the fabric and your purchase order.
  1. Can I ship my fabric to you directly from the manufacturer? Absolutely! Instruct the third party to sidemark the materials with your company name. To expedite the process of putting your material into production – fax, mail or email us a copy of your purchase order or completed sales order form as soon as possible to:
Custom Laminations Inc. 932 Market Street Paterson, NJ 07513

  1. Can I get my fabric stain and/or fire protected? Yes, we offer CustomSeal™ for stain protection and/or FlameProof & FireBloc™ for fire protection.
  1. What types of payment options are available? We accept checks and wire transfers (please call for details).
  1. After processing, can you ship the material directly to my upholsterer/workroom or wallpaper installer? Yes we can. Please provide the address of your upholsterer/workroom shop and any side mark on your purchase order.
  1. What is the maximum width of fabric that you can laminate? Our normal width is up to 60”. Please inquire if your fabric is wider than 60”.
  1. Do you evaluate fabrics before processing? We carefully evaluate the first yard of material to be certain that it is suitable for the specific process(es) you requested. We can inspect for flaws or weaving defects at an additional cost. If there is a question, we will contact you in writing to review in detail.
  1. I have fabric I want to use as wallpaper, what process do you suggest? We have three types of Performance Processes we use for backing fabric to be used as wallpaper: PaperBac™NonWovenBac™ & AcrylicBac™. Depending on the weight and type of fabric we can help determine which process is most suitable.
  1. Do I need to get my fabric fire treated? There are a wide variety of codes for different applications that may vary by city, county and state. Fabrics used in public places such as schools, theaters, convention halls, hotels and other public places may often need to meet certain flammability standards. Check with your local fire officials for what codes you will be required to meet.
  1. Will you provide a certificate of compliance of fire retardancy? Yes we can provide a certificate of compliance for certain fire codes.

  1. Are your processes environmentally friendly? Absolutely, our Performance Processes are water based and comply with EPA and NJDEP regulations. For more information please refer to our Environmental Policy on our website.
  1. Is there a minimum quantity I need to order? Yes. We like to have a minimum of five (5) continuous yards for most services. Some specialty services may require more than a five-yard minimum quantity (please call for details).
  1. Will there be work loss? When calculating your material requirements, remember to include one additional yard for work loss on each continuous piece of material per process. The work loss has nothing to do with the length of the piece. It occurs at the beginning and end of the processing cycle.
  1. Can I send you a sample of my fabric or wallpaper to process before sending you all of the material? We will gladly produce individual custom samples for you at no charge. Send a cutting of your fabric or wallcovering (approximately 8″ x 10″) and specify the service(s) you would like to see. For details and instructions on how to send a sample, click here.